11 July 2012

A Crafty Find

A new Daiso store just opened where I work. 

Daiso is a Japanese shop, and what's interesting is that everything in it goes for a fixed price of Five Ringgit. That's the equivalent of maybe USD1.50. I couldn't wait for the store to open - I probably should say that I'm a sucker for dollar shops, just like my Dad. We don't necessarily need to buy anything, just being in there gets the happy hormones flowing, hee. 

So anyway, the other nice thing about Daiso is that it also has small crafty section where you can find craft supplies. And while I was browsing I found these little bags of polyfill: 

The thing is, it's vacuum packed, so believe it or not, that small bag can actually fill a small cushion nicely.  

Anyway I soon got the chance to put this filler to the test. Niece's BFF Nina had a birthday last weekend, so I made her a personalised pillow in her favourite colour. The pillow insert is 12" X 18" and the Daiso polyfill did the job perfectly. 

It's also super soft, and I'm happy to report that Nina's was very pleased. 

Don't you just love a party? 

The happy Birthday Girl :-)

Happy sewing all!


MamaDaniel said...

Cik Zara,

Cute pillow with cute font! ;)

Zara said...

Hullo MamaD!

FYI the font is called Jokerman on Microsoft word, so now you can find it too.