15 July 2012

Easy Applique Project

A couple of weeks ago Irene from the office had asked me to make her a carry bag for her yoga mat. Actually Irene asked me last year to make her a carry bag for her yoga mat.  Last week she asked me again. 

So, (ever so slightly) embarassed, I got to work. 

The main fabric I picked out was a dark one, because seeing that it would be used for sport (hmm, is yoga a sport?) we didn't want anything too delicate or that would soil easily. But I also decided to make a feature panel which would take the focus away from the boring main fabric. In the end I opted to try out some simple applique. I must just say that I'm NOT great with applique. If I'm perfectly honest, I might even admit to being a little scared of it. But they say practice makes perfect, and so I went ahead with my plan. 

The bag itself was pretty simple to make. I used this tute. It has a lining and looks like it will hold up very well. The most 'difficult' part was making the applique panel. 

The progress in pictures: 


drawing out shapes on fusible web

fused onto fabric 

fused onto panel


finished flower

finished panel

In the end, it wasn't too bad at all! And here's a tip I learned : interface is a must! And it also helped to have a thin piece of paper underneath the background fabric when you applique - you can always peel it away later. 

Suddenly the thought of applique doesn't seem so intimidating :-) So all in all I'm well pleased. 

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the completed bag in action (duh to me). I've asked Irene for one, but because I know her, I'm not promising if or when we'll get to see that ;-) 

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!


MamaDaniel said...

i love applique.. tapi yang cik zara buat tu category easy ke? hehehe... ;)

May Irene read this post.. hehe.. really want to see the completed bag and the owner as well.. hehehe.. ;)

Unknown said...

done follow..follow me http://maizanhandmade.blogspot.com/

Zara said...

Hello MamaD,

Yes, it was actually quite easy! But whether it is pretty is another question altogether, heheh.
PS I've showed Irene your comment, so there may be a picture of the Yoga Bag in action soon :-)

Maizan, thanks for dropping by! I'll be checking out your blog soon!