24 July 2012

That Time of Year

So it's that time of the year again - Ramadhan!

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I'm going to be honest in this post. I find Ramadhan hard. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I usually try to trick my brain into thinking that it's easy peasy lemon squeezy, and hoping (in vain) that my body will agree. But it's not so easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not for me anyway. 

And so, this year I came prepared for the hunger pangs (they hurt!) and the heavy head (just show me a pillow and I'll fall asleep anytime, anywhere), and the cravings (jammy doughnuts pleeeeaase!)  And you know what? It's turning out to be not too bad at all. 

Because however hard it gets, I know that at the end of the day I'll be back to being a happy bunny with my loved ones. And I also realize with each pang that whatever I'm feeling is temporary, and so I'm grateful. Grateful because I'm healthy enough to carry the fast, because we're tolerant enough to be able to practice our faiths in peace and because when the sun goes down I'm lucky enough to be able to stuff my face with whatever I fancy, with the people I love, and crawl into my soft bed under my warm quilt, and because the biggest problem I've had today is deciding whether to have the blackcurrent or the strawberry doughnut. 

So if you're fasting, Happy Ramadhan! Be grateful, be good, be moderate and remember now, no drooling!  To everyone else, happy sewing!


MamaDaniel said...

owh my god!!! suddenly am craving for doughnut pulak!! dush!!
but today turn chicken foldover dulu...

Happy fasting!

Mila@Rimbun said...

salam ramadhan zara..
we had our Big Apple doughtnut on the first day of ramadhan.. yum yum.. rasa mcm nak lagi jerr