24 June 2012

Weekend Practice

This is what I've been up to this weekend.

Sorted out some leftover batting and made little quilt sandwiches for FMQ practice!

Then I took a deep breath and dove right into it. (Does FMQ intimidate anyone else or just me?)

I started out with the regular stipple as a warm up, then tried out some new designs:

This time I was very mindful of the stitches on the back of the quilt, because I've always had pockets of loose stitches. I had a tip from Mila to increase my tension (my machine's tension that is, hehee) when this happens, and I'm so pleased, because it does seem to help - thanks Mila!

But still not perfect, as you can see from the photo above.

I also made it a point to be aware of my stitching speed. I don't have a speed regulator so when I'm sewing on the machine there's only been two speeds : 'stationary' and 'full speed ahead'. But this time I think I detected another speed level in between, depending on the pressure of my foot on the pedal. It's still pretty fast, but not the usual 'runaway train' momentum.

I also thought I'd be clever and try out pebbling:

Ummm, maybe not just yet, hehehee.

Definitely much, much more practice required.

But I'll tell you what, I've had so much FUN practicing! I'm so tempted to go out and get a metre or two more of batting just to do this again :-)

Hope every one's having a fun weekend! 


Rosh said...

haven't tried this yet..... always nervous... but, it's true. Practice makes perfect.

MamaDaniel said...

waaaa... salute lah!!!
if your practice piece looks like this (esp the 2nd pic), am so sure in no time your FMQ will be macam super quilter already! trust me! sebab my practice piece are worst.. nak ambil gambar pun tak sanggup.. hahaha...

Zara said...

Hi Ladies!
FMQ definitely requires practice. Unfortunately, heheh.
MamaD, I'm still not good at it, far from good quilter, let alone super quilter!

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh finally someone that had some problems with FMQ:-) I took the class in Jan. And it was the hardest thing I've ever tried. It was a lot easier with quilting gloves on. I'm going to have to make some practice small sandwich quilts and practice as I just gave up and everyone tells me to just practice. I was also told to doodle on apiece of paper to help me. I just can't find a pattern:-) ome join me t www.sewcraftykathy.blog spot.com