16 May 2012

On The Road Again

And that means... portable patchwork!

More hexies...

(Sorry for the poor photos - the light's really bad where I am, and the phone camera doesn't help)

I never know what they will turn out to be when I'm making them. I always make sure I have a little bag with some paper templates, needle & thread and scraps, which I can grab if I'm going to be on the move.  I make them randomly, and at some point there will be enough of them to piece together.

Like this:

Who knows what this will eventually be. Will it get bigger? Or maybe this is as far as this piece will get?

And here are pics of some hexies made previously. I patched them onto a solid white, added some coordinating fabric and made a quilted make up pouch.

Posing with my lipstick :-) ...

Hope everyone's having a good week!


MamaDaniel said...

cute pouch!

many hexagon flowers will grow soon i suppose! :) :)
have a safe journey!

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

lawa lawaaaaa ... I loike !