25 May 2012

Things to Do

On my sewing to-do list:

To quilt my 1930s Repro quilt.

I've FINALLY got around to basting it. Twice! The first time I did it on my work table and when finished I discovered I'd done it all crooked, haha! I guess nothing beats crawling around on your hands and knees on the floor...

I've fished out this old panel I had, and am planning to use it for a project.

Probably another little quilt. I dunno yet, we'll have to see. It's a bit on the small side, slightly bigger than a fat quarter, so I need to figure out how to make it bigger. Comments and ideas welcome, as always!

Mum came by and dropped off a pile of fabric she needs me to turn into sheets and pillowcases.

She's perpetually handing me bags of mending and other things to sew, ack! Does anyone else have relatives doing this? Not very exciting, but it needs to be tackled. She'll call me up everyday asking whether I'm done. Then she'll hand me another pile, grrr.

Our little 'love seat' desperately needs a new cover.

The old ones were getting really boring so I stripped them off. It's been sitting uncovered ever since, and it's 'nakedness' is now becoming pathetic.

Now what I need to do is decide which one to get into first...

Happy weekend all!


MamaDaniel said...

The 'love seat' needs red cover!! can use the red heart panel, and then add a lot of small 2.5 inches squares in red/white/pink around the panel..

Zara said...

Hullo MamaD!
Thanks for the cute suggestion, but I'd already used the panel for another quilt. So I made a cover from some really boring green fabric. Ack.