01 February 2011


Okay, this is going to be a boring post, but it's a necessary one.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded to take care of our sewing machines. Who can blame us? The sewing and creating part is productive, exciting and just so much FUN FUN FUN!!, that we'd be forgiven for forgetting the (boring - yawn!) maintenance aspect of things.

Until the sewing machine starts acting up.

Which was what mine did. Acted up. We had to call in the sewing machine doctor, who did his magic, and now everything's as good as new. Although a tad bit oilier.

So I'm here to remind you to take care of your machine. Every once in a while, take out that little bottle of Singer oil (which I know all of you have - somewhere) and lubricate those moving parts.

Of course, you should check with your machine's manual when you do this, before you do this. We don't want to make more of a mess than is necessary do we?

Your machine should also have come with its own cleaning and maintenance kit, so dig it up and keep it somewhere handy.

They say you should go through this exercise (and change the needle) every 5 projects or so, for optimum results. Yes, well, I'll try to remember that if you will, heheheh.

Oh, and before I forget, try not to start on any pretty projects (especially those involving white) immediately after maintenance. Unless you're making something for a car mechanic. Just be patient and go through some scraps until the fabric runs grease free.

Happy February!

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