22 February 2011

Baby Quilts

This past couple of weeks for me have been about baby quilts.

I'm trying to rebuild my stash, and while sorting through my fabric shelves I found some forgotten bits and pieces, like a roll of blue fabric strips I had kept in a small paper bag. I can't remember whether I was saving them up for a particular project, or whether I'd just forgotten about them... but no longer, there're now well out of that bag!

I'm naming this one "Moondance!"

It was a simple joy to piece, just strips randomly lined up and stiched together. The white is some precious Kona cotton which I've been saving (again for I dont know what). I love the contrast created from the dark blues and the white. To help blend in the two tones, I interspersed the blue strips with some some pretty florals, which I think also 'softens' the whole look.

For the back I used the fabric I got from Arab Street in Singapore last December:-

I think the back fabric is adorable. I especially love the little blue animal prints.  So much so that I'm in danger of liking the back of the finished quilt more than the front!

Some easy quilting 'in the ditch' finished off the quilt.

Next baby quilt coming up soon.


MamaDaniel said...

comelnyer.....! both top & backing are equally gorgeous okeh... love them both! zara.. letak label la sikit.. hehe.. bagi tanda.. ngeeee :D

MyBotanG said...

sweet.. what's the size of the quilt.. a great idea for stash busting..

Zara said...

Hiya girls,
As always, thanks for the comments! Sue, the quilt measures 37" X 44". Baby sized to go with my equally baby sized concentration span, hehehhe.

MamaD, I'm still liking the back more... hmm, labels... never thought of that. But I dunno where/how to get them made :-( Sue,I know you have a DIY label set, but it's too hands on for me. I'm likely to make a complete mess. Know where I can get pre-printed ones?

Diah Rothman said...

Zara, like the design.... well, KD will start digging and make one. Thanks for sharing!!

MyBotanG said...

you can order printed labels from http://kucinpurple.blogspot.com/