28 January 2011

Laptop Sleeve

I had a bit of time this week, and thought I'd try out something new - a sleeve for my laptop.

We live in an old house, and as is typical of old houses in this part of the world, we have a big kitchen where all the action takes place. So the laptop regularly sits on the kitchen table. And the problem with that is, it collects all sorts of dust (yes, I've discovered there are different types of dust - big dust, tiny dust, big flecks, little flecks), and little spots of God only knows what,  and scratches.

But not anymore, eheheh. Not with this bright sleeve I made.

Some time ago I dug into my scrap box and randomly pieced together small pieces of scraps into rows. Then I trimmed the rows and joined them until I got a big square block. I made a few of these blocks and kept them aside.

I've never sewed a laptop sleeve before, and for my prototype I thought I'd dig out these scrap blocks and use them. For the flap however, I opted for just one print, in one of my favourites - Bloom by Hoffman.

I've lined the sleeve with batting, with some plain off-white muslin.

The flap is secured with a length of velcro.

This sleeve is custom made, because it has a hole at one end for the internet dongle, which we hardly ever remove. The idea was that we can store the laptop without having to remove the dongle. While practical for our purposes,  it does look a bit odd, so I don't think I'll incorporate this into the next laptop sleeve I make.

Not too bad for a first try, so I'm definitely making another. Just the excuse I need for more fabric shopping :-)

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MamaDaniel said...

not bad at all! mmg cantik.. love your patchwork.. :)