04 February 2011


First things first: Happy Lunar New Year!

Yesterday, amid a blaze of firecrackers, we ushered in the Year of the Rabbit.

Amazing, when you think about it, we've had 3 new years in the last 3 months. The first was the Moslem new year in December (or was it November?), then the gregorian new year on the 1st of January, and yesterday, the Chinese lunar new year.

And the best bit about being in this part of the world is, we get to celebrate ALL of them (*huge smile*)!

We've got a 4 day weekend, I repeat FOUR days (jealous anyone?), which I'm in the midst of enjoying tremendously.

Although it's only been a couple of days, I've manage to get quite a little bit done in The Office (aka my sewing room).

Up first, my attempt at applique. I'd posted about this earlier, and now the quilt top is done.

I'm not over the moon with it, as I think there's a lot of room for improvement here. 

Next up, another UFO. Honestly I had harboured serious doubts about whether I'd ever finish this one. But then a couple of nights ago I took it out and spent a couple of hours over it in earnest, and now, yippeee!! I have a quilt top:

I have no plans on quilting these just yet. I'm currently stash building, as my fabric shelves are running somewhat short.

So these quilt tops will just have to sit pretty until I find some suitable backing fabric for them.

More updates soon.


MamaDaniel said...

love the applique top.. crib size ke tu?
zig zag tu nampak macam besar tu...
dua2 pun gorgeous..
cepat2 la gi beli backing.. hehe.. x sabar nak tgk your FMQ..:D

MyBotanG said...

cute applique.. it's gorgeous, you are just being too hard on yourself (but we are our best critique, I agree)

the second quilt looks complicated and big like Zila said.. hehehe

I usually hang my quilt tops while I ponder on the backings :)

can't wait to see the new stash (my hands and feet are itchy to go fabric shopping as well.. but need a really good excuse to do so.. )

enjoy your 4 days holiday!! (sarcastic enthusiasm on my part)

Unknown said...

wow, beautiful creations! i was swamped with work ( yes, even on CNY break haihhh)that i wished 4 days of break ni boleh sewing.. until today, no show.

but all the same- nice work zara! p/s: your zig zag quilt looks..awesome! wow tabik la, nampak mcm susah tu.. wish i could muster some courage to sew something so intricate too