28 June 2010

Weekend away

Yummy Hubby and me went balik kampung this last weekend. We visited my Nenek B, who we haven't seen since my agoraphobia episode earlier this year. V. nice trip. And certainly very, very nice to eat free range chicken again.

I like going back to Nenek B's. Somehow I feel like I'm taken care of. I can forget about being grown-up/responsible/obliging etc for a while. When I'm at my Nenek B's it doesn't matter if I'm brilliant or pathetic, whether I've been naughty or nice. It doesn't matter. I still get fed no matter what. What's more I can choose what I'm being fed with. All I have to say is, "Wouldn't it be yum yum to have Assam Fish/Sup Ekor/The Fat-Chicken-Running-Around-In-The-Coop for dinner tonight" and it's sure to be on the table. I like :-)

Nenek B's lilies were in bloom while we were there. They're so pretty I can't resist posting a picture of them...

Anyways, I managed to get some quilting done there. It's another baby quilt, and I'm hand quilting it this time. As usual it's taking forever, but I hope to get it quilted and bound by the end of the week. Here's a sneak preview:

Stay tuned!

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