23 June 2010

Pinks and Greens aka The Bus Quilt

I made this some time ago with Moda's Sultry Charm Pack. As I used only one pack, the result was quite a small quilt, about 2.5 feet X 2.5 feet. Aren't the colours yum yum??

The next picture is my attempt at a close up of the different fabric. Like My First Quilt, this one is also machine pieced and quilted.

I was so excited when I finished it and showed off to Mum. She promptly took possession of it and it's been sitting in Dad's 'bus' (a term adopted by little Nephew for Dad's van, LOL!) for the longest time, and used as a travel blanket/pillow by Niece and Nephew.

Recently Mum and Dad went away on a trip overseas so I grabbed my chances and quietly reclaimed ownership of Pinks and Greens, ahahawww haw!! (I wonder if they've missed it yet?) Now it's doubling as a wallhanging in my office.

If you've got a lonely charm pack lying around, arrange the squares in rows of 6 X 6 and piece together (this pack has 42 squares so you should still have a few squares left over). You can arrange them in any order that suits your fancy. Then add a couple of borders in coordinating colours, in any width you want. My borders were about 2" and 3" wide. Put them all together and you're done!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Beginner's tip : A charm pack is a pack of 5 inch squares, all from different fabric, but from the same line. A pack contains about 30/40 squares.