24 June 2010

Polka Baby

This baby quilt is called Polka Baby.

It's made up entirely of polka dot fabric (apart from the white sashing of course) The polka dot fabric came from one Dessert Roll. I think you can see that some of my strips are crooked. Actually all my projects have a crooked bit in them somewhere, no matter how hard I try to make them straight. Never mind, we can always disquise the imperfections as 'handmade charm', heh heh.

Here Yummy Hubby is holding it up for the photo shoot. You can see his legs peeking out from underneath. Also if you look really, really carefully, you can see that my kuinin tree was fruiting at that time :-) Can you see it?

Another view of Polka Baby, draped over a chair.

I actually ran out of Dessert Roll before I finished this project. There just wasn't enough for the last 2 blocks. So I decided to test out my applique skills and substituted the missing blocks with a flower applique and a dinosour applique. Somehow the dinosour looks like it's in a hurry to get out of the quilt!
Here's a close up of the flower applique.

Polka Baby was given away to a friend when she had a little baby boy some time ago. I do hope it's keeping him warm and snuggly...

Beginner's tip : A Dessert Roll is a bunch of fabric strips. Each strip measures 5 inches X the width of fabric. Usually there are about 10 strips in a Roll.

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