21 June 2010


Breakthrough! I'm blogging, I have my own blog, my very own blog!!!

Background : Am a bit technology retarded. The internet spooks me. Until recently I didn't have any idea what the difference was between upload and download and the only cookie I know is the one we eat (generous sprinkle of chocolate chips preferred). So believe me when I say this is an achievement, woo hoo!

Why blog? Because I have to, have to share my love for the crafts. And FABRIC!!!!! I lurrrrrve, absolutely luuuuurrrve fabric. If I don't have an outlet for this passion, I might be in danger of imploding. Or talking to myself. But then I already do that sometimes :-)

But that's another story. Back to the blog, I am an amateur quilter. A total fabric case. So I'll be sharing some of my work on this blog. When I have some time, maybe I'll post some tutorials too. Sewing is so easy. And SO satisfying. Ok, sometimes sooo frustrating, like when you discover you've stiched something back to front. But in the end so definitely worth it. Come join me if you can - I'll be back soon!

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