23 June 2010

Introducing Milo


My name is Milo. I'm a tabby cat and I'm 7 months old. I live with my Human Mummy and my Human Baba, and I like to play. My Human Baba says I'm very naughty. My Human Mummy is a total Fabric Case. She's mad about fabric and is always playing with them. I'm not allowed in her sewing room but sometimes I sneak in when she's not looking and have a good sniff around. Sssshhh!! Hee hee.

This is a picture of me my Human Baba took when I had a bad foot. One day I tried to play with the big ginger cat outside. I guess he didn't like me because he made a big hole in my foot. I couldn't walk and had to go to the cat doctor who wrapped a long fabric strip around it and made it all better. Now I can run around being naughty again. My Human Mummy says I drive her mad and that I'm a Nut Case.

Here is a cat quilt my Human Mummy made for me. She made quilts for my Abang Cat and Kakak Cat too. I can't show you theirs, because one day they fell asleep and didn't wake up, so Human Baba took them and wrapped them in their quilts and tucked them in a hole in the garden. Human Mummy said they're sleeping in heaven and their quilts will keep them warm.


a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Hi Milo .. I m so sad to hear about your brother n sister .. it was so sweet your mommy put a quilt each to keep them warm .. I am sure the quilts must be beautiful and precious ... just like them ..

and hey .. you ve got ur own quilt too ... ! hmm I should ask my mom to make one for me too .

you are so slim .. i am so jealous of you. I m full of fat... just like my mom (dont tell her or i wont get my quilt .. shes sensitive about her weight)



Zara said...

Hi Popo!!!

I'm so excited coz you're my first cyber friend! Actually I'm jealous of you because I'd like to be nice and fat too, so that I can get more cuddles from my Humans. Are you a boy cat or a girl cat? I hope you're a boy cat, because girl cats are so, errr, girly. But I think I'll like you even if you're a girl cat, because you sound very nice :-)

Umm, Human Mummy says thank you for visiting. She says to let her know if your mummy needs any help with your cat quilt.