13 May 2014


And we are well into May!  It's madness how time just flies by - especially the older you get ... eek! Yes, so on that rather sombre note, on we go with all things fabric, haha!

Let's see. My sewing seems to have been done in fits and bursts lately. I'll be sewing for a couple of days, then a week will go by without the machine even being on. And then, there'll be another couple of days of me sewing like a demented woman.

I have actually finished my solids quilt top, so that's a big yippee-doo! to me :-)

Here's a couple of rather awful photos, sorry! 

I've got the backing fabric all picked out and pieced for a while now (I chose a really sweet grey damask print from Riley Blake), but I've not started with the quilting yet. I think I'm secretly avoiding it, because I really don't know how I should quilt it. Any ideas? It seems to call out for straight line quilting, but you know what my straight line quilting is like most days - and this will need diagonal lines too - so I'm pretty much terrified!

I've also started another charm pack quilt. I used a pack of Fairy Tale Friends - a line I've been hoarding from a couple of years ago.

I used a lot of teal for this one - co-ordinating squares with HSTs.

This is the top finished - but I'm not exactly thrilled about it. Too much dead (white) space

What to do?

As you can see, inspiration much needed hereabouts.

Hope everyone else's creative juices are flowing better :-)


MamaDaniel said...

yippiiiieeee... nice colorful pinwheels.. you're so productive..

the second quilt tu... love the teal.. and for the white squares.. probably your quilting design could hide it..

Omong Mak Long..... said...

If my quilt tops are not pleasing to my eyes, I normally re-cut them into another blocks, piece them and make a crazy block quilt.

Zara said...

Thank you for your suggestions ladies! I'm keeping them in mind for the next time I mess up :-)