07 April 2014

Floral Patchwork, A New Project and A UFO

It's been a busy start to the month. April kicked off on a high note for me - I think I've been bit by the sewing bug! I've managed to squeeze in time in the sewing room every day, sometimes half and hour, sometimes a couple of hours... so I've a few things to show :-)

You may remember that some months ago I pulled out some floral prints from my stash.

I was wanting to make an all floral patchwork quilt.

The squares were cut in bits and pieces - a little here and a little there.

I finally got around to piecing them all together:-

130 4" squares in total.

Soon to be basted and quilted :-)

And then I decided that I wanted to make a solids quilt. So out came my collection of solids...

... not so much choice, but perhaps just enough variety?

I made a start anyway, hee! 

And finally I picked up some backing fabric from Ikea:

This one is for my Scrappy Trip Around the World from waaaaay back when, which I finally got basted.

Let's see how long this bug sticks around :-)

Have a great week ahead everyone!


Mila@Rimbun said...

beautiful... colourful.. wonderful..

MamaDaniel said...

wow.. very productive! :)

Zara said...

Hullo ladies! I'm feeling the productivity slowwwwly fading away this week...

Zura said...

Ok..I just LOVE everything you make!