20 April 2014

UFO Progress

I know I've started a new solids quilt, but a few days ago decided to tackle my Scrappy Trip Around The World.

So armed with determination I hunkered down and got to quilting.

This quilt measures 6 feet square, so there was a LOT of upper arm muscle involved!

Also a lot of quilting sessions involved. I remember complaining marvelling at how long it was taking to quilt this.

Is was my first time quilting swirls on a real quilt, so I had little swirls, big swirls, uneven swirls, eliptical swirls, 'is-this-supposed-to-be-a-swirl?' swirl...

And then to my great delight, I came to my last swirl.

Squaring up:

For the binding, I went with a solid navy blue, to even out the scrappiness of it all.

By this time I was keen to finish it off quickly, and considered machine binding it, but then a movie came on the telly, so I got comfortable on the sofa with my needle and thread :-)

I'm down to the last few feet of stitches, and then I'll have a finish to show - yay! But before I go I just have to share this next photo. It was taken after quilting, when I had lain it down on the floor for inspection. Milo sauntered in to inspect and immediately made himself at home :-)

Milo approved!
Have a great weekend!

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