30 March 2014

Scrap Busting Again

It rained heavily last night. I point this out because it hasn't been raining much at all in my part of the world. So you can imagine what a welcome respite it was. *grateful*

I crept away to my sewing room, listening to the rain lashing against our windows... and pulled out a scrap bin :-)

So it became Saturday night, with just me and my scraps...

A happy mess!

... err, with a little furry animal keeping me company (not really, coz he fell asleep).

There was no plan at all - I just started piecing random scraps together.

A block ...

A strip ...

Becoming even bigger blocks!

This might just become my next scrap project :-)

Have a great week ahead all!


Unknown said...



Mila@Rimbun said...

Looking at yours remind me of my scrap at home... one after another full boxes of scraps... bilalah nak start projek scrap nii

Besar mana lah agaknya dah siap nanti yer cik zara

bulhaa said...

I just came across your blog and even though Im not a quilter I found myself going into your archives hehe. I love the way you write.

Im just wondering where you buy your fabrics from? I just moved to Malaysia and Im a little at a loss on where to purchase nice fabric for crafting. Do send me an email if you can: sharyhan@gmail.com

Zara said...

Thank Anys!

Mila - start attacking your scraps! These 'blocks' are so much fun to make :-)

Hullo Bulhaa, thanks for visiting! Oh, I get my fabric from all over the place - my LQS (that's local quilt shop to non quilters, hehe), online shops in Malaysia and international, from friends and family across the seas... Do drop me an email at afabriccase@yahoo.com if you need further info :-)