21 April 2014

Scrappy Trip Around The World


I can tell you, I'm SO excited about this. Are you ready for photos?

A grand total of 1296,  2-inch squares.

I had a hard time trying to photograph all of it without having someone hold it up. And I couldn't take the shots outside, as it's been raining a lot. So the best I could do was drape it over the sofa:

Then I needed a model for some perspective, so I grabbed the nearest thing that was passing by:

"I'm not Milo!"

A closer shot of some of the squares:

I think I made the right choice for the backing too - a sea of calm to balance the happy chaos of the scraps on the front. You can also just make out the swirly quilting on the back:

Making this quilt was truly a labour of love. If you asked me if I would attempt another one, I wouldn't say yes. I would say DEFINITELY yes!

Happy quilting, and have a great week ahead :-)


MamaDaniel said...

Wow.. super nice...love it.!
one of my dream-to-sew quilt.. tapi entah bila.. hihihi...

Zara said...

Like the turtle, slowly but surely MamaD :-)

Zara said...

Like the turtle, slowly but surely MamaD :-)