27 March 2014

Quilting Love ....

... is literally what I did while making this quilt.

See what I mean?

I had just the one fussy cut square of the word 'love', and I hid it in the middle of this patchwork quilt.

This one was made especially for a little girl born on 5 March, and I finished it just in time too! (And I just have to say what a cutie Baby Alia is!)

My inspiration came from this Stargazer print from Patty Young's Lush fabric line - pink and teal... mmmmmmm... I had a yard of it hiding in my shelves. Did I say it's mmmmmmmmm?

I was told that the new mummy really likes this little quilt. *happy*

It's Friday tomorrow, hip hip hurray! Have a great one all.


MamaDaniel said...

sweet Love... :) suka sangat!

drshikinzainal @ ekin said...

perlu kesabaran yang tinggi..
nak cube tapi xde skill menjahit.
setakat jait langsir lurus bolehlah. hehe..


Zara said...

Thanks ladies! To Nazeck, if you can sew curtains you can definitely sew patchwork too!