10 October 2013

Squares Anyone?

After my last 2 quilt/quilt tops I found that I still have plenty of leftover squares cut up.

I suppose I could make ANOTHER patchwork quilt, but I thought I'd offer them up to others first. So if you're interested, I have 2 packs of squares, each pack has 50 squares and each square measures 4 inches square. That's a lot of squares! Most of them are different, but there will be duplicates of some prints. This will be perfect as a starter kit - you can mix them up with your own stash for a patchwork project. Oh, and I'm offering them for RM20 per pack.

So let me know if anyone wants them. Otherwise there'll be another patchwork quilt on this blog very soon, ha!


MamaDaniel said...

cik zara... nak.. nak.. 1 pack sahaja.. ngeee... beli dulu.. jahit tak tahu bila.. hahaha... :D :D :D

MamaDaniel said...

cik zara.. i want both!! boleh tak? thank you... :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

amboi cepatnyer mamaD, baru baca last line nampak plak 2nd comment ni.. hihihi

MamaDaniel said...

ahak...ahak... gelojoh kan saya kak mila kan.. hahahaha

Widurisha said...

Hi Zara,
Ada lagi tak starter kit patchwork ni? Interested...email please widurisha@gmail.com Thanks

Unknown said...

Hi Cik Zara

Do you still have the starter kit patchwork? Kindly email me if you do have and my email add is ameliaykf@yahoo.com