07 May 2013

Low Volume Finish

Phew! Is anyone else glad those elections are over? I'm just grateful things went (relatively) smoothly and a new day dawns peacefully with promise of hope. With all the turmoil we hear about around the globe these days, I hope we never forget to count the little blessings. We don't like extreme views and actions here at A Fabric Case. Except if it involves fabric, of course, ehehee.

Right, so that's my little lecture done (a sure sign of getting along in years, sigh) we can now move on to more exciting things. Like my first finish for May. MAY, can you believe it - where has the year gone???

Our camera has decided to stop fooling around, so I as able to take lots of happy photos. Here's a shot from the right:

Another shot from the left:

And one from a bit further away:

After my experience with straight line quilting in my last couple of quilts, I took great care when basting this one - made sure everything was nice and flat and taut etc. It DID pay off in the end - my puckers and distortions reduced significantly, but I have to admit there was also a fair amount of coaxing and cajoling (and upper arm muscle!) involved.  The only thing I didn't do was sing to it. Perhaps I'll try that next time, eehee.

And I have to show you this backing fabric. I've had it for a couple of years now but I can still remember that it's from Moda's Kashmir collection - because it's soooo pretty in real life.

I bound the quilt with a solid - Bella solid in Mist. One of my favourites. The aqua is so fresh and I think it matches the quilt's overall look.

I've named this quilt The Quiet One. Suits it perfectly, don't you think?

1 comment:

MamaDaniel said...

The Quiet One... sangat tenang memandangnya.. :D

Nice patchwork..love the backing.. suka warna yang lembut dan pastel itu.. cuma mamaD belum berani mencuba..hihihi.. or maybe not enough stash yet.. hihihi