30 April 2013

Low Volume (and Taxes)

I'm taking full advantage of my sewing mojo, and have started another quilt! Is that madness?

I've been inspired by all the beautiful low volume quilts that's been cropping up all over the place, like here and here. I love the quiet subtleness of these quilts, so just had to try make my own. 

I must admit, I'm being very good at cutting into my stash lately. It's getting easier and easier to use up bits of the fabric I've been hoarding. But of course there're still some prints which I just. Can't. Bear. To cut up. 

Anyway, I'm going for ANOTHER patchwork quilt. and have chain-sewn a tall pile of low volume squares together.

Ready for the next step - rows!

In other news, if you haven't declared your taxes yet - do it NOW! You still have a few (short) hours to do so. One year I was 2 weeks late filing, and suffice to say that I'm still lamenting the MILES of fabric I could have bought with the penalty I had to pay :-(

Anyway, tomorrow's Labour Day, so have a good holiday, and happy sewing!

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