09 May 2013

Wish List

There're a few quilts that I would really, REALLY like to make. At some point. In the near future.

Like a triple irish chain quilt. I'm mad about one from Magpie quilts, you can see it here and here - MAGNIFIQUE!

And maybe a Red and Aqua quilt, because I've never made one before.

Plus I've been planning to make a quilt for Nephew for his birthday. It's coming up fast now, so I should seriously get a start on that one. I'm thinking something like Alison's Bizzy Kid. Come to think of it, why not Alison's Bizzy Kid?? Hmm, I might even go order the pattern right now. As in after I finish posting this, now.

Then again, perhaps I should be good and disciplined and start tackling my UFO's. 

Like my yet unfinished scrappy trip around the world, which still needs ... actually I can't remember how many more blocks I still need....

Or this Meadow Friends boy quilt, which needs to be basted and quilted:

So many choices! But oh my, what sweet choices :-) Wonder which one I'll pick first...

Hope everyone's having a good week!

1 comment:

Ann Symes said...

Hi Zara! Thanks for all the loving on my triple Irish Chain quilt! I would love to see your version!