25 May 2013

Obligatory Sewing (And a little bit of fun)

My 'couple of days off sewing' has turned into an entire week!

It's been busy, and I've been away again. Then it got a bit difficult to get back in there, because my sewing room's such a kip with bits of fabric everywhere!

But I presevered, and managed to clean it up a bit, because I've got some obligatory sewing deadlines coming up soon eek!

Like a bunch of coasters. Somehow I agreed to an order for coasters. I thought it'd be easy enough, you know, with them just being a bunch of squares with some batting in between. It's taking a little longer than I've expected though... Maybe I'm not in the coaster frame of mind, ehehe.

coaster cases
Then I owe Mum some sheets. She sent me these AGES ago. They're flat, and she wants them made into fitted sheets. I may have to haul out my old Singer from its cabinet to tackle this job. Actually I'm starting to wonder what in the world Mum does with all her pillow cases and sheets - there seems to be a never ending supply of them...

But of course, I've also managed to go off on a tangent a bit, and played with my scraps. My goodness, what a mess there was!

scrappy mess!

Scraps which got sewn into scrappy log cabin blocks! Whoops I think the next photo might be upside down ... (!)

You can see them in a little more order in the next picture... 

I've got 8 scrappy blocks now. Heaven only knows when I'll produce some more...

To everyone with little people in their households - happy school holidays! To all else, have a great weekend :-)

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MamaDaniel said...

Wow... sew happy to see so many things happening in your sewing room... ;) ;)

Love the scrappy log cabin... sempat lagi selit projek scrap ek... ;)