26 April 2013

Where's the Dino?

It's actually been a productive week  on the sewing front. But our camera's gone funny, and what's a post without a photo right? But then again, what's a blog without a post? Then I had a brainwave - there's a camera on my phone! Honestly, I can be such a duuuh sometimes.

So here's a finish to share - a patchwork quilt.

I really like the colour play on this one. And really, really heart this dino print - so cute!

I quilted this one in the ditch - and had a few problems. Am I the only one whose layers shift whenever they straight line quilt??

Thankfully after a wash and dry it seems to have evened itself out. But I'm still hoping that I'm the only one who will notice the distortions.

While I'm here, I'd better share an earlier finish. You'd seen this quilt before, just without the binding. 

This one was free-motioned quilted, hee! (Sorry about the camera phone quality!)

I finally got my binding fabric, and got that sewn on. In the end I went with the same fabric as the back, which is from the same Windsor Lane line.

So that's another one to add to the basket:

Oh, and before I forget, I still have one extra Windsor Lane charm pack, up for sale. Just drop me a comment or an email if you'd like to have it.

Well, I must say this isn't too shabby for someone with a sulky camera now, isit? heheee

Have a happy weekend, everyone. And happy sewing!

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