24 March 2013

Missing AGAIN

Just finished tidying up the sewing room. And you know what I find? Or DON'T find I should say.

My pin cushion has gone missing. AGAIN.

I just don't understand it. How can a little cushion stuck full of pins just go missing?

I'm starting to wonder if one of the Meows ate it? Maybe this one - she was skulking around with a guilty look earlier:

Or maybe this is Milo's payback to me for saying he looks like an alien...

And here's a photo of my pin cushion:

Only it's not the pin cushion that's lost. I couldn't take a photo of that one, obviously because it's missing. Grrrr.

1 comment:

MamaDaniel said...

Terperanjat mak! i thought milo yang hilang!!! fuhhhh..what a relief... hehe..

semoga bertemu semula dengan pin cushion itu... :D