20 March 2013

Hexagon Applique Mini Tote

I'm happy to report that my sewing mojo appears to be making a comeback.

The hexagon applique that was sleeping at the back of the shelf has now been embellished with machine embroidery...

And made into a cute little tote...

It's a really mini tote. Sort of like a large toiletry pouch. With handles.

This little one is being gifted to Zu from the office. She'd been asking for a little bag with handles, so I thought this would be perfect. 

Hope she likes it!

Umm, thought I'd also post a photo of Milo stuffing his face...

Sometimes I think he looks just like a little alien. But a very, very cute one. Ehehehe. 



MamaDaniel said...

cute mini tote!
milo pun cute.. eventhough tuan dia kata dia macam alien... huhuhuhu..

Zara said...

Thanks MamaD!
I love my little alien :)