13 August 2011


Presenting the much delayed finished charm pack quilt, tadaah...!

I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago, but just never got around to taking a photo. You know how it is : the morning rush to get up, get dressed and get going, then at the end of the work day it's either to dark outside, or I'm too gloomy to bother taking out the camera.

Today, though, I made it a point to snap these photos, AND as an added bonus even managed to persuade Yummy Hubby to 'model' it for me. You can just about make out his calves at the bottom of the quilt there...hehe heh.

I love love looove this quilt.
 The fabric combination is just perfect, don't you think? 
It was also a pleasure to make, from the piecing to the straight line quilting. 
Easy peasy, light and breezy :-)

Here's a view of the pieced back...

The only difficulty I had with this one was naming it. It's now spent a couple of weeks nameless. Normally my quilts take on their own character as I make them, so that by the time they are finished they've more or less named themselves. 

I think this one might be called "Summer".

What do you think?


Jan Maree said...

very light and and breezy - lovely colours and great quilting - great name too!

MamaDaniel said...

Nice name.. :)

Suka quilting design tu.. :) simple tapi cantik!! :)

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

i love it tooo just looking at it reminds me of summer ! (of course it s always summer here after all ...) oh well
lovely !!