14 June 2011

The Stork is Back!

You know what, I was getting a little worried for while.

You see, I've been making these little baby quilts, but the stork hasn't been visiting my end of the world for some time. I'm sure you've noticed that I've put some of them up for sale (baby quilts, not storks), hoping they'd find a good home.

But I'm soooo happy that in the last week, two little cuties were born!

So I've been able to gift 2 of my quilts away :-)

First we welcomed a baby girl at work, and everyone thought she'd like "Cupcake Party":

Then just a few days after, Mr Tan from down the road received his first grandson. I let Yummy Hubby pick out a gift and he thought "Sunny Baby" would do the trick nicely:

I hope the little angels enjoy my quilts as much as I've enjoyed making them.

Congratulations all around! Muah!

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