28 June 2011

Pillow for Dad

Hullo hullo!

We had Father's Day a couple of weekends ago, so all of us (minus  Little Brother who is Away) got together to celebrate Dad.  

By coincidence it was also Nephew's 7th birthday, so we had a right party we did, hee! 

I wanted to give Dad something different this time, you know, other than the usual golf paraphernalia, books etc, so I hunkered down the day before and made this applique and patchwork pillow:

Now I'm usually very wary of applique as I'm absolutely useless at it, but for this pillow I had no such qualms because I know that Dad would not judge. Don't take my word for it, but what fun you will have when you throw caution to the wind!

My favorite bits are the Super Mario blocks. These are iron-ons - aren't they just adorable? They're Nephew's favorites too, so I thought I'd add them as a little surprise.

And a picture of the back:

I had another little iron on left, so I used this to make a label for the pillow on the back. Just before it was presented, we wrote our messages  on it with a waterproof pen.

Hope you like your pillow Dad, we love you - Muah!

P.S. If anyone's wondering, Nephew received a magnifying glass from his Auntie :-)

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