30 June 2011

More Strings

Almost, almost there!

I must say this quilt top is taking its time to come together. 

Slowly, slooooowly but (hopefully!) surely. 

This is what it looks like now:

And this is what it looks like on the drawing board:

If you mix the blocks around a bit:

Hmmm.... decisions, decisions...

Happy sewing!


zeti said...

Hi Zara...did u receive my email re the FQs? I am deadly serious about it. cheers,zeti

MamaDaniel said...

hijau muda = sejuk mata memandang = saya suka!


Zara said...

Hello Zeti

Am so sorry, but I've not received any emails from you :-( If you could try again, or leave me your email address, I'll get back to you soonest.

Zara said...

Thanks Mama D,
I'm done piecing the quilt top, will post on it soon!