12 June 2011

Big plans

Ooooh, I've so many things planned out, and I'm so excited!

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day and only a fraction of those that I can dedicate to my sewing. Only one thing for it then, to take things on one by one, one block at a time.

So first up, I'm making a little string quilt. I've made string quilt blocks before from my stash, but those have been relegated to the back of the cupboard, being less than aesthetically pleasing. Hardly surprising,  I suppose, because they were test blocks.

For this particular quilt I'm starting I've fished out a honey bun, from Moda's Hello Betty, which has been sitting pretty at the top of my shelves for some time.

Lots of lovely, lovely strips of colour! Mmmmm....yum yum yum!

I'm making 8 inch blocks, and am using a white solid for the 'spine'. Here's one, all pieced and trimmed:

From my calculations, I'll need at least 36 of these before I can even think of piecing together a quilt top. Gosh, sounds like a lot doesn't it - where will I find the time?

Well, I'd better get on with it then, haven't I? Updates surely (fingers crossed) soon!

1 comment:

MamaDaniel said...

wow.. 36... wow.. besar jugak tu.. :)

cantik la color dia.. sgt retro.. :)