24 April 2011

Fabric on the move

Wow, it's been a while!

So we've been traveling, first myself and then my Yummy Hubby. Not too much of sewing, unfortunately, except maybe in my head :-) I never imagined trying to keep a household by myself could be so time consuming! Made me realize how much I take for granted, and how spoilt I've let myself be.

But all is back to 'normal' now, as normal as can be. As much as I hate to admit it, it's so nice having a routine. Especially one that involves lots and lots of FABRIC *big grin*!

Right then, I haven't been completely idle, and I do have something to share. I've found a great way to still continue with projects, even when on the go. Of course it's much slower, no appliances to speed things along (I AM a Fabric Case, but I draw the line at lugging a sewing machine around on business trips). Just the humble needle, a few pins and a spool of thread. Oh, and a small pair of scissors. All in a little case (handmade, of course) that carries in the handbag.

And when things get a bit quiet, when there's a little breather (when the boss in not looking, eheheh), out the little pouch comes. A few quick stitches here, a little snip there, and at the end of the day, there's a pile of little paper pieced hexagons.

Which grows, and grows.

What a great way to travel, don't you think?


MyBotanG said...

We have similar ideas you and I.. not as fancy though.. NO business trips at all on my part, but when travelling, I'll always have my sewing kit in a handmade case (of course!!) to keep me company..

*Though secretly I do wish to lug my sewing machine along, but hubby would definitely just leave me at home then..sigh*

Hope you are having a sunny Sunday there.. we are having a balmy weather and it is kind of dampening my sewing spirit..

MamaDaniel said...

wow.. taman hexagon sedang berkembang.. i like.. merah memang menawan kalbu..

saya pun kadang2 bawak hexagon kalau travel.. tapi saya selalu risau takut tertinggal.. haha... psycho sikit.. hahaha.. tapi kalau musim crochet datang, yarn & hook la teman setiaku.. hehehe..


cikgu suhaila said...

He he he
Very very good idea...
I follow la.

Sophie's Sewing Room said...

Nice ;) Mine was done halfway..and missing somewhere in the sewing room.