21 January 2011

Dreaming Big

Okay, I've got my backing fabric for my Dream Big quilt top.

All six meters of it.

Had a bit of reservations about the colour initially, but I suppose this was my fault, for my instructions to Yummy Hubby were literally to get 6 meters of fabric "in any shade of bleu."

I've measured out the top, and 6 meters is more than enough, in fact, 6 yards would have done the job.

So this weekend's fun will be putting everything together :-)

PS. Just so you know, I've more or less decided that I'm NOT using batting for this project. The mere thought of quilting something this size is just waaay to intimidating...

Pictures soon to come, so watch this space!

Happy weekend everyone!

1 comment:

MyBotanG said...

can't wait to see the completed project.. i'm working on something BLUE as well.. (For the record, I do not like blue especially solid blue with no prints.. yuckss!!!) but mine is tiny weeny baby sized quilt.. :D

Hope you have a lovely Sunday..
psssssttt - Kyoto is not MAN enough for heavy snowfall.. it chicken-ed out at last minute.. so no snowman, not even a snowbaby.. :O