17 January 2011


Ok, yes, I admit. I've been quiet.

Many things are happening, but worry not, I won't be boring you with the non-fabric related ones. So yes, I've been quiet, but by no means have I been idle.

I've managed to sew little bits and bobs, a little here and there, so I'm going to show you a couple of the UFO's which I plan (fingers crossed) to have finished up soon.

And so the first, is this:

Fabric was dug up from my existing stash (to make room for new stash yippee!). Made up of basically four different fabric : 2 coordinating prints and 2 solids:

A project made out of necessity really: this is to be a bedspread for our bed, to keep our Angel and Demon (aka Milo and Molly) off the sheets.

The finish top is HUGE, as the bed is a king. I'm trying to sweet talk Yummy Hubby to run to the shop one of these days to purchase some fabric for the backing. I've made my calculations, and I'm estimating I need about 6 metres at least - Yes, it IS that huge.

The top is constructed from  2 types of blocks, a big diamond of sorts, and smaller pinwheels for the border.

My dilemma now is I'm not sure whether to include batting in my layers, or just do the blankie thing and use only the backing fabric. Yummy Hubby says no batting (perpetually hot as he is), but I'm leaning towards including the batting (ambitious as I am). I have a feeling I will cry chicken in the end and take the easy no-batting way out.

On to my second UFO. Remember how I said last year that I should really try out more applique? Well, I thought I'd start out the new year with an applique quilt.  I'm starting with an easy one. Easy because the applique shapes are BIG flowers. None of the tiny intricate stuff for me, unfortunately. We must leave those to the patient and the experts.

Here's a sneak preview of my applique flowers. I'm machine-stiching the edges with a zig zag stich. I've gotta tell you though, this was a challenge.

More practice required DEFINITELY. And if anyone's got any applique tips I'd be more than grateful!

Updates coming soon.

Have a good week everyone!


MyBotanG said...

wow!! 6m of fabrics for the back!!! That's HUGE!!! all the best.. I would usually go for batting but if you are going to opt for no batting, I wonder what type of back fabric you plan to use..?? I'm asking simply because I made a quilt awhile back opting for no batting and instead using the heavy blankie/towelly type fabric.. OMG was that a mistake.. it was SO HEAVY which made maneuvering almost impossible, and that was only single sized.. *sigh*

on a lighter and prettier note, loving the flower applique.. cute pattern and colours.. *grin*

psssstttt - I wished they would have emoticons for bloggers.. :P

MamaDaniel said...

king size.. wow... saya blom berani nak try single bed size pun lagi.. huhu. .too chicken.. huhu..
saya pun rasa baik letak batting, tapi pilih yang nipis tu jer..

applique.. aritu saya try, mmg pedih sikit la.. sbb dah biasa jahit straight.. bila bengkak bengkok rasa mencapah je jahitan kita.. hehe.. saya pernah try zigzag tp saya buat rapat2 punya,mcm sulaman punya jahitan..

Zara said...

Sue, emoticons? I see u're making private jokes on a public forum now, eh? Tsk tsk. Ah well, while we're at it, WHERE'S MY SNOWMAN?? :-)

MamaDaniel, can I call u mama for short? ehehehe...
I always look forward to your comments, thank you! muah! I have a strong feeling that there'll be chickens on the menu soon.

MamaDaniel said...

Cik Zara.. bleh panggil Zila.. hehe.. or MamaD.. hehe..