12 June 2014

Time For Another Quilt

I've been itching to make another quilt, so pulled out a bunch of fat quarters.

I want something that will come together fairly easily, like a 9-patch perhaps? Or a disappearing 9-patch even. 

This was the first choice of 9 fabrics.

Most of the fats came from the same fabric line - Pagoda Lullaby - so they are very matchy matchy. I thought the colours might all blend together too much, so I added a colour that was totally different - the teal ones in the photo above. 

But I was still not too pleased with the combo, so swapped one teal fabric for a brighter purple:

At the last minute I changed my mind, and swapped one teal for a stronger hue of blue/green. And this is the final 9:

I've cut out my squares now, so won't be changing my mind anymore, hopefully anyway, haha!

I just love the start of a new quilt, don't you?

See you soon!


MamaDaniel said...

Kan dah kata.. cik Zara ni rajinnnnnnn! ;)

nice combo.. apapun.. saya tetap suka biru itu (the teal one la...) ;)

MamaDaniel said...
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lia said...

kombinasi warna cantik! mesti cantik hasilnya nanti....:)