07 September 2014

Errr... Hello!

Have been ignoring this blog for a bit *sad* ... but ...  I'm back now! Even though I've not actually posted anything, I have done a fair share of crafting. Not too much, but a fair bit nonetheless. 

I've started - and finished! - a few quilts. One of them is a granny square quilt. I've always loved looking at granny square quilts on the internet, so was really quite excited to try to make one of my own. It turned out pretty easy actually, the hardest part was choosing the fabric. 

I used 3 different prints for each block.

Also managed another little patchwork quilt. Inspired by some dinosaur prints I had in my stash.  Lots of blues, with some orange thrown in for contrast. Nice!

I love patchwork quilts! Do you?


MamaDaniel said...


very long time no see... hihihi..
cik zara apa khabar..

saya semestinya suka patchwork quilt.. so many possibilities kan..

Zara said...

Yes, very long time no see mamaD. Did you miss me? hihihi