16 January 2013

Quilter, Interrupted

I was happily unpicking in front of the telly the other night.

Then got up to get a glass of water.

When I got back to the sofa, this is what I found:

She seemed to love snuggling in the quilt - and wouldn't move no matter what I said or did. Needless to say, that was the end of my unpicking activities for the day.

But you know what the strangest thing about it all was? I don't think that's even my kitty!

In other news, this came in the post for me:

There isn't anything quite as exciting as getting fabric in the post, is there? It's a baby panel, some backing fabric and binding. All bought locally, from May May Shop.

I began basting immediately! Told you I was excited :-)

Quilting - and more unpicking hopefully - soon.


MamaDaniel said...

Milo ke tu? hihihi.. minta manja la tu... hihihi...

wow.. so super speedy.. mesti sekarang dah siap baby quilt itu.. :D

Zara said...

MamaD, that's not Milo! One day I will blog about her and introduce her to you :-)