28 January 2013

And Then There Were Two

Two finishes this time - two!

They're both tiny though, baby sizes:

The first one was really simple - I used a panel, so no piecing! It was just a matter of layering, basting, quilting and binding.

I really, really liked making this one - because I always have fun stippling :-)

Yummy Hubby thinks it's a little boring, as all it is is a panel, but I love it all the same. Such cute safari animals...

In the photo above you can see the stippling a bit more clearly (I hope). And I'm happy to report that there's not a pucker in sight, hu hu! (Tip - always baste properly!!!)

Even the backing fabric is so cute...

Hmmm... can someone tell me please how to keep a kitty off a quilt?

It seems every time I lay down a quilt a kitty will come along and try to claim it...

The second quilt is a girly patchwork quilt.

If you've been following my blog recently you'll notice that patchwork quilts are fast becoming a favourite. This one's not so scrappy though - I used about 10 different prints, but threw in the odd matching square here and there. I only just finished this one this last weekend. It was made in a bit of a rush, for a neighbour who just welcomed their first grandchild a few days ago. As a personal touch I machine embroidered the little one's name in the corner:

I haven't had a chance to pop over next door yet, the poor thing's got jaundice now, so she's still in the hospital :-(

Hope everyone has a good week ahead!


Mila@Rimbun said...

wahh what a productive week zara, two quilts at a time....both are so cute, I do have the same panel... but dont know when will i use it hihihi

Zara said...

Thanks Mila! Hmmm, I can't wait to see what you come up with your safari panel heee

MamaDaniel said...

wow.. your stippling semakin hari semakin perfecto! love it..

dua-dua cantik! sampai meow pun geram!! hihihi