13 January 2013


It's been a little slow going on the sewing front so far this year, but I musn't complain. I did manage to make my first ever softie, and then this past week managed another couple of projects.

I finally finished sewing a yoga bag for a friend. She's asked for it for a while now, but I was too busy procrastinating until recently. You know how it is, eheheh. I was very happy when she said she wanted pink, because I have plenty of pinks in my stash. And she also wanted to have the bag monogrammed with her name on it. That meant some applique, and more procrastinating ehee.

But here it is at long last, in it's finished form:

And a close up of the applique flower:

I can't wait to give it to her :-)

Then once I got sewing I just had to make something else, so I made a little shopping bag for myself.

Whoops! Someone's foot is in the frame, hehee.

It's foldable (the bag, not the foot), with a tie, so when I'm not using it I can bundle it up and keep it in my handbag. I feel all environmentally friendly now :)

And this is what I will be up to this week:


This is what happens when you don't bother to baste your quilts properly. I was so keen to start quilting something that I rushed the basting. And now I have puckers galore.  Yuck.

So as you can imagine, I'll be pretty busy with yards of unpicking. Until the next time, happy sewing!


MamaDaniel said...

walaupun kita tahu bahawa basting sebelum quilting itu penting, tapi kita masih mengabaikan basting itu...dan membuatnya ala kadar sahaja.. sudahnya kita yang susah dan payah.. muahahaha... (ini adalah nota peringatan untuk mamadaniel yer cik zara..) hahahaha... happy unpicking! :P

anyway.. yoga bag & shopping bag are both marveles... hehe :D

Mila@Rimbun said...

wah.. super cute yoga bag there.....

your big shopping bag reminds me of mine, really big and I can even put everything inside, at the end need 2 people to lift it from the trolley to the car boots...

Zara said...

Thank you MamaD and Mila for your kind comments. You ladies never fail to make me smile :-)