10 June 2012

Very Bright!

I'm happy to share that I'm up and about again, and back to conquering the world! Starting with my laundry pile. Yummy Hubby and I are scratching out heads in wonder at how our laundry has accumulated this past week. Just a day or two out of sync and next thing you know you have Mount Washmore in your laundry room.

And I'm digressing. Naturally.

Coming back to fabric - I've finished my quilt top made from this Love Panel:

I used a bunch of fabric in red, pinks, bright pinks and greens, with also a liberal amount of white and white based fabrics, hoping to tone it down a bit. I have to say though, that the finished top is still a bit bright. 

Or a lot bright.

What say you?

Is it making you cringe?

Does it remind you of  Christmas?

I've decided to put this one away for now, and won't be quilting it just yet. I'm thinking it needs just the right sort of backing fabric that will complement yet sooth the colours on the front. Of course, I may be just looking for an excuse for more fabric shopping, eheehee!

Happy Sunday everyone, and have a great week ahead!


FarahLin said...

Such a fun quilt and absolutely stunning! Great work with the centrepiece, Zara!

Zara said...

Thanks FarahLin! You're too kind:)

MamaDaniel said...

Memang bright! but the pink actually tone it a bit down.. :)

Backing..hmmm... i vote for pink! hehe.. ;)

Zara said...

Hi MamaD,
I agree, pink fabric it will be, hee!