02 October 2011

A Little Less Fabric

I've been very good lately in eating into my stash. The more I use up the more reason there is to buy some more, hee!

This week I've used up more than half of my Moda Arnold's Attic fabric.

So there's not miles left, only mere yards, eheh.

And this is where it's gone into:

My kitchen table's gotten a new look hu hu!

Hmm, maybe I should've ironed the table cover before I photographed it?

(Check out my mosaic floors, they must be about 30 years old - does anyone else have mosaic floors these days?)

For the seat covers I simply used velcro as fasteners. My previous seat covers (patchwork affairs also made by moi, of course - currently in the wash, so no photos) had ties, but I wanted this set to be simple with clean (or cleaner) lines, so I just velcro-ed it. It's not so pretty, I know, but ah well, I'm easy to please :-)

All in all, I'm giving myself a pat on the back *big smile*.

Used up any stash lately?


MamaDaniel said...

wow.. semua sedondon... :) kain yang lebih tu boleh la buat pot holder yg sedondon jugak.. :)

Starwood Quilter said...

I so enjoyed reading your blog. It's interesting that quilters the world over are so much alike!


Mila@Rimbun said...

these are the things that had been in my list long long time ago.. but still pending.. looking at yours made me rethink of it

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

well done with the seat covers and table cloth .... mine have been 'redesigned' (scratching) by Popo people thought it was original ... I ll show you one day.

love the mosaic floors, ya i wanted the mosaic too but couldnt find them .. so retro !