25 September 2011

Fabric Finds

This week was about more input than output. I'd been around the shops a bit, and of course couldn't resist adding some to my stash. Not so much productive, but equally enjoyable!

We popped into our LQS for a visit, and walked away with these yum yums:

Fat quarters:

I can never resist a bit of red :-)

Now the next fabrics are actually smaller cuts, each about 10" X 10" each,  perfect for small projects and applique. I have no idea what I need them for, but hey, who cares? Hee!

Enough to keep me daydreaming for the next couple of weeks, eheh.

I also discovered these cutesy tins on a separate walkabout, aren't they the cutest?

The shop I got them from is called 'Romantika', in case anyone of you in the Klang Valley is interested, and they have a selection of tins to choose from. I was hard pressed to decide which ones to purchase. AND they only cost MYR7 (that's just over USD2) each if you can believe it!

Now I'll know exactly where my ribbons and zippers will be, hu hu!

Okay, truth is I haven't been completely idle this week -  I'm working on a home decor project at the moment. Some time ago I purchased miles of this fabric off the internet:

I seem to remember the intention being to make some curtains. However, when it arrived in the flesh, I discovered it was a little darker than expected. Just one of the hazards of purchasing online, I suppose. Ah well. 

But anyway, it's still some gorgeous fabric, and I'm using some of it (there'll still be miles left, sigh...) to make new chair covers and maybe a matching table cloth for my little kitchen table.

I've just about got everything done, only have the final details to finish off. Pictures (hopefully) soon.

Have a wonderful week ahead all - muah!


Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Oh you really racked up! I agree, the tins are adorable. Hope the home decor project works out. Maybe you'll find other ways to use the miles of fabric. Of course, don't discount a quilt. I've used home dec fabrics in crazy quilts. They are heavier, so you have to be careful with the other fabrics in the quilt, but it worked.

MamaDaniel said...

wow.. home deco after raya.. rajin!!

saya suka langsir gelap.. hehe.. maybe sebab rumah saya menghadap matahari.. hehe

jgn lupa tayang gambar.. :)

zeti said...

zara, i have sent u an email re the charm packs. can't wait to hear from you. --zeti

Rosh said...

really gorgeous fabrics. btw, I'd like to give u an award. Hrp2 sudi terima yer..:D http://rosheyzcraftworld.blogspot.com/2011/10/versatile-blogger-award.html

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

i love the green polka dot tin !!! the fabrics look yummy too .. happy quilting Zara !