09 October 2011

Charmed Fun

This week's project was brought about as a matter of necessity.

You see, and here's something about myself you don't know - I'm a bit of a creature of routine when it comes to my breakfast. I bring it with me every work day, probably because I'm always so rushed (read "unorganised") in the morning that I never manage the time to have it at home. And my packed brekkie is almost always the same thing, a jam sandwich and a juice box, and sometimes, if I'm feeling healthy, there'll be a fruit.

So anyway,  I have a little lunch bag which I use to haul my breakfast goods. I can't even remember where I got it from, but since its got a print in the front that reads "Welcome, Thank You", I'm thinking it must have been a goody bag from a get together of some sort, a wedding perhaps?

And here it is, but as you can see, one of the straps have gone. 

Oh dear.


That meant I needed to make a new one - yeppee! - any excuse to sew, hey?

So out came some charm squares - happy happy! - volunteering for the job.

These are from Moda's 'Spirit' - I'm wondering how many of them I've actually got, Spirit charms seem to jump up at me every so often.

The construction was simple. I merely copied the dimensions of the old lunch bag. All in all I used up, let's see, 1, 2 ... 14... 17, I used up 17 charms for the new bag, so I suppose there'll be a fair amount of  Spirit charms left to jump up on me every so often again.

Now for the fun part - photos!

Lots of room!

All packed up and ready to go!

Now don't forget to eat your breakfast!


MamaDaniel said...

cute.. :) size dia mesti less than 10 inches.. btol ke?
mesti ada orang jeling2 tengok lunch/breakfast bag cik zara yang cute itu.. hehehe...

Rosh said...

so cute. sweet colours.

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Ya Allah you were using the red bag all this while when you could have done the quilt bag ages ago !!! patut buat dua bagi kat i satu ... hahahahaha. So sweet the bag !!