22 December 2010

Stash Therapy

I've been away for a bit.

Yummy Hubby and I have just returned from a trip to the Island Nation. We booked our tickets originally intending a short little holiday before Christmas, but as timing would have it, a large portion of our trip was spent visiting an aunt in hospital. Poor Aunty has been ill for some time, but happened to have a major relapse while we were there. 

If you don't already know this, hospitals and illness can be extremely trying, both physically and emotionally.

Draining. Exhausting. Frustrating.

And sad.

Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who insisted on pulling me away from gloomy waiting rooms and sombre relatives (not to mention needles, blood and guts) every chance he could, so all in all we did manage to steal a fair amount of time and salvage whatever we could out of our little 'holiday'.

We even managed to squeeze in a visit to the much acclaimed Marina Bay Sands (no pics unfortunately). I'm not much into buildings, but I found this one really unique and surprisingly calming to my tired eyes and mind. The view from the observation deck at the top (at nightfall) was also worth the SGD20 I paid.

But anyway, as every quilter's husband would know, the one thing that can surely cheer a quilter up would be - stash! So one afternoon Yummy Hubby dragged me to Arab Street in the Muslim Quarter where I spent a couple of happy hours browsing the many, many selection of fabric on display, while he waited patiently, always nearby. Bless him.

And what do we women do best when they're down?

Besides eating chocolate? (although copious amounts were consumed, thanks to the 7-11 just next to our hotel)

Why, SHOP! of course, and so I came away with these delicious prints, mmmmm....:

With Molly striking a pose:

Not forgetting Milo, getting into some of the action:

And my favourite of the lot, wee little trains, adorable!

I haven't any idea what I'll be making (ideas and suggestions always welcome), so I'll just add them to my stash for now.

Hope everyone's having a happy and HEALTHY week.


PS. I've been meaning to mention that Cottage Patch in Ampang is having a sale till the end of the month - all fabric is 20% off, so you may want to stock up, or should I say "stash up", if you're in the area. Just so you know where to go for therapy.


MamaDaniel said...

Burrppp..alhamdulillah... lebih kenyang daripada makan cokelat nih... :D cantik2 semua fabric.. camne price kat sana ek? cheaper ke?
Saya blom sempat ke CP lagi.. huhu.. must go must go!

Rosh said...

lovely, lovely stashes...

maybe i should go to CP too...

p.s. sorry to hear about your aunt. hope she's getting better

Unknown said...

zara darling,

oh please tell me where is this Cottage Patch at. I am very curious. if i ever go there, i would surely have an entry just for it! :)

Zara said...

Mama Daniel, Rosh, thank you so much for your kind comments. Aunt is recovering from surgery, and we are all anxiously awaiting for an all clear.
AAW, you really must visit CP. If you google cottage patch ampang, you can find their website and map. It's opposite Ampang Point shopping centre, if that helps.

HChippies said...

hi,just found your blog while bloghopping..just wanna ask,which shop is arab street is best to find stash?thanks!

Zara said...

Hi Elephantz (my, what a cute name!),
I didn't have a particular shop on Arab Street which I preferred. The whole street is lined with textile merchants. I was just popping in and out of each one. Most of the fabric was Sevenberry (from Japan), but I did find some prints from Lecien and Robert Kaufmann.
Hope that helps...