08 December 2010

Back to School...

Well, not quite, but well on the way...

I've been busy keeping my promise to Milo. Unfortunately I've only managed to make 3 pencil cases. And I spent the weekend learning that I'm still hopeless when it comes to making anything with zips attached :-(

However, and more importantly, these were made with lots of patience and thought.

As you can see, I've attempted to make up for my sewing shortcomings by adding 'embellishments' in the shape of pencils, coloured pencils and erasers. I hope that's not cheating?

I did take a picture of the 3 cases by themselves, but (knowing how 'clever' I am with the camera and computer combined) managed to delete (or misplace?) the photo before I got to upload it.

I'm also throwing in a tote, which can be used for carrying stuff around for activities. The tote was actually made (and posted about ) much earlier. I hope that's not cheating either...?

This bundle will be off to the Poslaju office tomorrow, hope I can squeeze in the time. Auntie Ayu, here we come!


MamaDaniel said...

lovely.. semua pun cantik.. (betol..tak tipu..) hahaha..

saya pun fobia zip lagi.. hehe.. but will not stop trying.. ;)

tote bag tu very sweet color.. mesti ramai yg berebut nih.. hehe...

Unknown said...

zara, i have phobia for sewing altogether! and i managed to sew 5 zippers for my sarung kusyen. itu pun my first ever sewing gig!

eh, mmg jahit zip ni susah ke? kalau mcm tu, kudos to myself to have sewn zippers for 5 times!
sorry for the jakunness ya..

and some more, my friend came over today and saw my cushions. she complimented me on the type of zippers that i used- she said susah dia nak jumpa sarung kusyen yg pakai hidden zipper like the ones at my home.

hah! i DIDNT KNOW THEY ARE HIDDEN ZIPPERS! ahahaah OMG i am so ignorant.. i just know them as zippers. i didnt know there are many types of zippers!

after this my next project would be a small purse for the on-the-go use.

p/s: a small deed like pencil cases go a long way..sentimental value tu.. kan?

Zara said...

AAW, thanks for stopping by again. Hmm, a zipper guru eh? That must mean you're much much more talented than you think! I will be sure to check out your blog to see if you post your handiwork.
PS. Hugs to Cinta and Yuki.

Unknown said...

eh, far from being a zipper guru.. but i noticed that sewing is aint that bad at all..not a scary skill to master, insya Allah. :)

the next project insya Allah will take place sometime this week. ( hope i will allocate time for it!)

Happy Sewing!