15 December 2010

A Quick Fix

Ever had times when you just need a quick fix when it comes to sewing/quilting?

You want to start on something new, your hands are itching to stitch, but at the same time you haven't the time/energy/creativity for anything too complicated.

Also, you've had enough of your scraps and can't be asked to think of a creative way to piece them together into something decent.

Well then, I ask, what better way of tackling such times than to use a panel?

Panels are lovely, easy things to work with. As an added bonus, it's provides material for a quick project too.

And so I dove into my stash and pulled out one of the few panels which I've been hoarding ... Sweet Strawberry Shortcake...

Add a couple of borders: a light pistachio green solid for the inner border, and an oh-so-sweet pink and white polka-dot fabric for the outer border.

Next , layer and quilt : Another quick and easy process, just straight lines outlining the existing lines in the panel and on the borders I added. The centre is quilted with random spirals and hearts. Note : I have to point out (because you can't see it in the picture) that my spirals didn't turn out as circular as I would have liked them... a tribute to an amateur's free motion skills!

I forgot to take a photo of the back, but if you're curious, I chose a solid lemon fabric, which I think gives a nice, lively contrast to the quilt top.

My favourite part of this particular Fix is the binding. I used a cute green and pink combo (I think this is from Moda's Sent with Love line) and I love the way it frames and adds a Zing! to the finished quilt.

 This baby quilt finished a little larger than my usual, at 45" X 54".

  Zara finished feeling accomplished, satisfied and happy :-)


MamaDaniel said...

absolutely Zingy!!!
cantik la.. ruginyer tak dapat tgk the back side of the quilt.. sure super cute jugak..

Trines hobby said...

Wonderful! So sweet, I like this.

MyBotanG said...

Baby Strawberry Shortcake is sooooo cute.. :) I LOVE the solid green and pink polka borders.. such a lovely combo!!