16 June 2013

Nephew's Bizzy Kid - and Little Projects

Following from my last post I finally managed to finish Nephew's Bizzy Kid in time for his birthday. But only just barely. I was in panic mode the last couple of days and put in the final stitch in the binding just hours before heading over to the birthday party - it was that close!

Anyway, the party went fabulously, and Nephew awed us all by dancing to Gangnam Style complete with all the moves - we were all wondering later how on earth he knew them all, let alone learn them all! And as usual in all the excitement I forgot to take a photo of the quilt. So, sorry peeps, but no photo this time. I'm harrassing Big Brother (that's Nephew's dad) daily for some photos, so as soon I get some (or even one) I'll post them for you to see.

You know I don't like to post without pictures, so I'll show you something else I've been doing since then.

After all that panic sewing, I got the urge for a nice, quick project. Like this drawstring pouch.

It was so quick and easy, I found myself making another. Then another. And before I knew it, there were multiple little projects smiling back at me.

How did that happen? 

I'm not complaining though, ehehee.

Hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend!


Mila@Rimbun said...

cute pouch Zara... love them all

MamaDaniel said...


The nephew's dad..cepatlah...nak tengok gambar.....! Hihi....

Zara said...

Thanks dahlinks! Mama D, photo coming soooon!